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Tony becomes a Bentley Golf Icon

Champions of Golf are thrilled to announce that Tony Jacklin CBE has been named a Bentley Golf Icon. The luxury car brand has a collection of its own handcrafted and bespoke equipment, which includes everything from clubs, to balls and even a range of luggage.  

A huge fan of the car brand for many years Tony is delighted to join forces with Bentley Golf. He said: “The clubs are beautifully forged and remain consistent with the Bentley brand that we have all come to love. They have given me a renewed love for the game.”

As a former US and British Open champion who also captained Europe four times in the Ryder Cup, Tony was an influential figure in bringing golf to the masses throughout Europe. His iconic battle with Jack Nicklaus in the 1969 Ryder Cup, led to the American conceding Tony’s two-foot putt to halve their match and the Ryder Cup ending in a tied score. The two will forever be remembered for leaving the course arm-in-arm in what has become famously known as ‘The Concession’. 

Having driven a Bentley for most of his life, Tony is the ideal person to be a Bentley Golf Icon. The high quality of merchandise available has also impressed Tony and he said: “The brand stands for the very best and I am truly delighted to be part of the Bentley Golf family as a Bentley Golf icon.”

To review the latest equipment from Bentley Golf please log onto their website at: http://www.bentleygolf.com/